Work in progress



This is the work in progress from Link Choi, the illustrator of The Dragon Brothers trilogy. It's the tense moment when the boys finally reach the dragon's cave near the top of the mountain. It's the 'what are we going to do now?' moment. 

Link has a great understanding of the different journeys of the boys and the dog as they go on this adventure. They all experience it in different ways. Flynn, being the eldest, is frightened and anxious much of the time, where Paddy is too young to realise the danger they are in. Of course the dog thinks everything is great fun, including being chased by a fire breathing dragon. 

It's great to see an artist at work, and the interpretation of your words come to life in the mind of the artist. Link also has the gift of leaving much to the imagination of the reader too - we don't see the face of the parents, yet we feel their love and concern. The love in the boys' home is there to see in the way they sleep so soundly in their beds at the end of the book. 

It's going to be a great journey. Good to have Link on board. 

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