Cover reveal - The Dragon Defenders 3!

So, here it is! The cover of The Dragon Defenders - Book Three: An Unfamiliar Place. I know it has taken a while, and you've waited so patiently, so I hope you like it as much as I do!

You can see Briar, the awesome 11-year-old niece of The Pitbull, on the back of Elton. You can also tell from the cover and the title that the brothers have had to leave the safety of their paradise island, and you can probably guess who forced them to leave!

The book's launch date is August 7, 2018, and it will be in all good NZ book stores and in some gift stores. Pre-orders are now open - just click here




A giant Dragon Bros map in Aotea Square!


As part of the Auckland Writers Festival, the map that appears on the end papers of the Dragon Brothers Trilogy has been super-sized and stuck to the ground outside the Aotea Centre. Folks can download the AR Reads app, and watch it come to 3D life! The dragons are the size of dinner plates!


Come see me at Auckland Writers Festival

I'm getting very excited about appearing at Auckland Writers Festival, which takes place from May 15-20.

I've got five events!

Three of them are part of the Schools Programme on May 15 & 16, where I'm appearing twice in the Aotea Centre and also taking a workshop for budding writers.

Another is a free event on the Family Day (Sunday, May 20 from 11.00am-11.30am in the Concert Chamber at Auckland Town Hall) called the Dragon Brothers Extravaganza. The age suggestion for that is 5+ as I'll be focusing mainly on the novels.

The Writers Festival has also printed out a huge version of the map from the picture books, which will be stuck to the concrete out the front of the Aotea Centre. You'll be able to download the AR Reads app and watch it come to giant, 3D life!

See you there!


The Dragon Defenders - Book Three!

It's finished!

I've completed writing The Dragon Defenders – Book Three and I'm delighted with it. I've tested it on half a dozen kids, who all really liked it too (what a relief!).

Pretty soon it will go to the layout designer, the proof-reader and then to the printer! All going to plan, it will on the shelves in New Zealand by the end of June. I know it's a long wait, and I'm writing them as fast as I can - believe me! Hopefully you'll think it's worth the wait.

If you'd like an email when it comes out, click here and fill out the form and I'll add you to the email list.



Defenders one and two get a special mention at Storylines Awards!

Our poor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She gave a wonderful speech at the Storylines NZ Children's Literature Charitable Trust 'Notable Books' event, fielded gripes and photo requests right up the length of the central aisle of the hall (including holding a tray of sandwiches for the waiter while he got his phone ready) and then, just as she thought she had made good her escape by emerging into the foyer, this mug wanders up and asks for a photo. It's not even a good photo. It's a terrible photo. But it had to go on the blog - of course it did.

By the way, The Dragon Defenders and The Dragon Defenders - Book Two: The Pitbull Returns both received a special mention from the judges! A big thank you to Storylines for the nod and for continuing to fly the flag for children's literature in New Zealand!