Now that's a tattoo!

Getting creative at home with a pen and some felt tips!


The brothers went looking for dragons' caves last weekend...


There's great fun to be had poking around the caves at Whatipu, the northern head of the Manukau Harbour!


I do like to be beside the seaside...

Every time I bike around the Manukau Harbour it gets a little bit better. 

The planted natives have grown a little taller, and they're sifting out some of the run-off from our roads and farms. 

Birds are growing in number - the other day a family of royal spoonbills, on this day a mighty flock of bar-tailed godwits, eating as much as they can before setting off on their epic, non-stop journey of 10,000 km or more (in just nine days!). 

And, if you watch carefully, in the second video you'll see a happy kahawai chasing sprats around in one of the harbour's feeder streams. 

Right now is a perfect time to take the kids for a ride - there's at least 20km of tracks from Ambury Farm out to the Otuataua Stonefields - all broad, flat gravel paths which children of seven or older should be able to handle with ease. Try to choose a day or an early morning with no wind, as it would be tough going for child to battle the sou-wester!




The Dragon Brothers' latest adventure


My guide to publishing

So, The Dragon Tamers is out, and with it I am receiving enquiries about how to self publish a book in New Zealand. 

Throughout my experience of publishing The Dragon Hunters and The Dragon Tamers I have learned lots of hard-won lessons and, perhaps even more useful, I've learned the order in which to do things. 

With that in mind I have produced a 5000-word guide to self publishing a children's book in New Zealand. If you'd like a copy emailed to you, just send me an email at contact@dragonbrothersbooks.com and I'll gladly send one to you.