If you're looking at the giant map in Aotea Square, when the app asks 'Do you have a book', tap on 'yes'. What you're looking at is the map that appears on the end papers of The Dragon Brothers Trilogy of children's books, so effectively you sort of do have a book - or at least the first page blown up to epic proportions. Don't forget to hold it high up, pointing down at the map, to start the animation. You'll also need an internet connection, whether it be WiFi from the cafe or 3G/4G. Have fun!

The Dragon Brothers Trilogy has augmented reality content. The best way to experience it is with the children's book. If you don't have a book and want to see it in action follow these three steps.


Step 1

Print the map.


Step 2

 Download the app.


Step 3

Start up the app on your device, point it at the map and let the magic begin. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us. If you are experiencing technical issues please email