The Constant Cloud was made by one of Flynn and Paddy’s ancestors with a machine that still sits in a dark corner of the attic of their house. The Cloud is always there, summer or winter, rain or shine. Flynn and Paddy once woke before dawn to see if they could be up before the Constant Cloud but, there it was, hovering around the mountain tops. It moves around a bit, and is always changing shape – one day looking like two sausages dancing, the next like a crocodile riding on the back of a cow. The Mystic Mountains splits Flynn and Paddy’s land perfectly in half, running from sea to sea. Anyone who wants to visit the Magic Terraces or Mt Astonishing must first find a way through the mountains. But they’re not called ‘mystic’ for nothing. The mountains are full of wizards, witches, fortune tellers and hermits, living in small villages or large caves. They are very friendly and make sure that all visitors have tea and fairy cakes, although to keep their presence a secret they cast a spell on visitors so they won’t remember a thing about their time in the Mystic Mountains. A natural wonder of rare beauty, the Magic Terraces look like the dirty dishes stacked on the side of a giant’s sink. Except more beautiful than that. They are, in fact, a series of natural hot pools, perfect for taking a swim, which is lucky, because the Boiling Stream is obviously too hot in which to swim, and Lake Levitation just bounces you around above it and drives you crazy. Lake Levitation is the most frustrating lake in the world. It is crystal clear, deep and blue, and looks just perfect for swimming. The trouble is, when you try to dive in, you end up floating above the surface and sort of skimming across to the other side, without ever touching the water. You can’t get close enough to drink it, ducks hover above it, and if a fish is foolish enough to jump out of the lake it doesn’t come back down again. Mt Astonishing is so high it can be seen from almost every corner of the land. This is perhaps why the entire population of dragons meet there once a year – hundreds of them, swooping around the cliffs and crags of the mountain, and burning great swathes of the brush and bushes from the rocky slopes with their fiery breath. No one has ever climbed to the top of Mt Astonishing without getting too tired and going home again. The Boiling Stream rises straight out of the ground, travels for a few hundred metres, then pours straight back into the earth again. It’s extremely handy if you have some frozen peas in your bag that need cooking, or maybe some Brussels sprouts. If you have a tea bag and a cup you’ve got an instant hot drink. Dragons love nothing more than swooping low through the great columns of steam rising off the Boiling Stream, particularly on cold mornings. The Putrid Plains give off the most horrendous stench known to humankind. Imagine making a lovely sandwich, then leaving it in your lunchbox for a year, then taking it out again and sniffing it. That’s what the Putrid Plains smell like, only a little bit worse. The trick to crossing them is to suck in a deep breath on one side, then run as fast as you can to get to the other without sniffing in through your nostrils.  When the wind is blowing hard, the sound it makes blowing through the branches is just like a gaggle of witches, grumpy at being miserable witches, destined to travel around on uncomfortable broomsticks, and never being invited for dinner anywhere except the homes of trolls, who are terrible at cooking. But, really, it’s just a tree. Except that it is populated by the most unusual species of tiny fairies, who are most upset that the tree is known as the Tree of Wailing Witches, when by rights it should be known as the Tree of Secret Fairies. But of course they can’t tell anyone, because they have to keep their existence a secret. Ask your mother to lie on her back and bend one leg so that her knee points at the sky. Now imagine it was covered in lush grass, and dotted with tiny dragons’ eggs. That’s pretty much what you get at Mother’s Knee Hill, except on a larger scale, depending on just how big your mother is. Dragons have been laying their eggs here for as long as anyone can remember, and no one knows why. It is guarded by a troll, but he’s terribly slack and keeps going on holiday to the seaside when he’s supposed to be working. Built by their great, great grandmother with only her bare hands, Flynn and Paddy’s house is a wondrous place for small boys. Their parents can’t bear to throw out all the keepsakes from the generations before them, so it’s a bit cluttered, especially in the attic, where the real treasures are kept. There are mysterious maps and books full of forgotten knowledge, and odd items that no can remember how to use. Once Flynn found a machine built especially for the purpose of making clouds, which was how the Constant Cloud came about. No one knows quite how old the Ancient Forest truly is – the most accurate estimations are that it’s very, very, very old indeed. Parts of it are so thick with trees you have to turn sideways to walk through it, and every year it seems to have grown a little closer to Flynn and Paddy’s house. It is full of creatures of every kind – all whistling, squawking, squeaking, roaring and grunting. Sometimes in the early morning the boys’ father goes outside and bangs a pot with a stick to scare all the animals and birds away, so he can go back to sleep in peace for half an hour. The Meadow of Dreams is a wondrous place. It is astonishingly beautiful, being as it is so bountifully stocked with every variety of wild flower known to humankind, of every conceivable hue, and all giving off their own particular scent. The smell is so divine it is impossible not to stop and marvel for a while at just how brilliant life can be. If the day is warm, visitors find themselves lying contentedly among the flowers and soon fall asleep. The scent of the flowers means the sleeper has the most incredible dreams – of flying, kisses, love, sweet cakes and marvellous music. The Swamp of Children’s Wishes was named by Flynn and Paddy’s Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather, who fell in here when he was just a boy. It was a rotten bit of luck, because earlier that day he’d found a magic lamp, which gave him a wish whenever he asked for it. Since he dropped the lamp into the mud and couldn’t find it no matter how hard he tried, he could only have a wish granted if he was standing beside the swamp and asked loudly. He wished for some sweet cakes, but it was no fun eating them standing there covered in mud, so he trudged off home. Of course no one remembers about the lamp any more – they simply think it is a magic swamp which grants children’s wishes. You’d best not have your bum on the Ridge of Rising Flame when it decides that a little fire is in order. The flames shoot high into the sky and are fiercely hot, and if you have a piece of bread you can hold it out and it will be toast in seconds. Just bring some butter and jam. It’s said a gigantic dragon sleeps under the earth here, and the fire is his breath, but Paddy once dug for almost a half an hour and got nothing but a blister on his hand. A dragon’s egg can be a hard thing to spot. Sometimes they’re white, with speckly bits, but others are grey, like a stone. If you’re tired, and looking for somewhere to sit, their smooth rounded tops look like the perfect place to put your bottom. Just be sure they don’t hatch while you’re sitting on them! The Dragon’s Lair is a terrible place – dark, damp, dingy – just how dragons like it. It has been lived in by generations of dragons, and can accommodate two small dragons, or one large one – like the dragon who flew off with Coco the dog. 
There are no comforts – no pictures on the walls, no carpet. The only thing that makes it vaguely cosy is on cold nights when the dragon breathes a little fire about the place. 
The Dragon’s Lair narrows to a small tunnel at the back of the cave. A child would be able to follow it, but none have ever dared. Mount Monstrous is actually quite beautiful – in a craggy, steep, dangerous sort of way. Of course it has marvellous views of the Meadow of Dreams, but when the cloud comes rolling in, the wind starts to blow and snow begins to fall you’d best be home in your bed. The back of Mount Monstrous is so steep it is impossible to climb or descend. The only thing that lives on those slopes are the Bonkers Bombing Bats, which are real thrill-seekers and take great delight in flying vertically down the cliff at high speed in the darkest hours of the night.