Reviews - The Dragon Defenders 4

“Fabulous! The action just ramps up and up. It’s even better than the first three, and they were fantastic.”
Adele Broadbent, author of Between and Too Many Secrets

“The plot is thrilling, the setting at once idyllic and dangerous. Readers will be inspired to leave their devices and see what they can see from the top of a tree, to go outside, look for dragons, and have adventures as breathtaking as Paddy, Flynn and Briar.”
Louise Ward, Wardini Books and RNZ critic

“An earth-shattering adventure of seismic proportions. You might need to feign sickness so you can finish it in one sitting.”
Tom E. Moffatt, award-winning author of Barking Mad and Mind-Swapping Madness


Here's what kids think of The Dragon Defenders series...

Reviews from kid reviewers! Thanks so much for reading the early drafts guys!


Some early reviews of The Dragon Defenders - Book Three: An Unfamiliar Place!

"Part 3 in this heart-pounding adventure is sure to please Dragon Defenders fans. An Unfamiliar Place pounds the young brothers with new challenges, but with their feathered accomplice (Lightning the falcon) along for the ride, they battle through and never give up! The story stand on its own but the digital side of this great Kiwi series is a wonderful bonus. Loved it!"

Adele Broadbent,

"Like the first two books, this absolutely captures the imagination. Simply magical!"

Kathryn Stewart, category manager - fiction and children's books, Whitcoulls


"I had so much fun reading this. It's a rollicking adventure with a loveable cast of brave heroes."

Jenna Todd, Time Out Bookstore and 2018 NZ Book Awards Judge


"I was so disappointed when I realised I had reached the last page..."

Mary Callister, librarian, Karori Normal School




Review of The Dragon Defenders - Book Two: The Pitbull Returns


Radio NZ review of The Dragon Defenders

Rachel Eade of Scorpio Books, Christchurch, and regular reviewer on Radio NZ, reviews The Dragon Defenders. Only one of the best reviews ever!