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New Zealand Children's Book of The Year!


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"..As expected, it's funny and fast-paced, and amazingly illustrated by ex The Hobbit props designer Link Choi."  As reviewed by the folks at Ponsonby Central!


LIANZA has spoken

Here's the judges' comments about The Dragon Hunters at the 2013 LIANZA Awards. We didn't win, but chuffed to be finalists and the judges said some lovely stuff: 

"A simple story but a goodie, and, featuring children! A dragon has stolen Flynn and Paddy’s dog and they are off to rescue her. Obviously, there is more to it; firstly the superb maps on the endpapers indicate more fantastical landscape that in this story, so we know there are more books to follow. This may always be the case when a family lives next to an ancient forest. Each text page is illustrated with a pencil vignette that conveys an element informing the beautiful painterly full page image opposite. These are at once gorgeous and foreboding. The composition of each one is reminiscent of the best children’s illustrations.  Changes in perspective, point of view, time of day, colour palate, crossover from recto to verso and overlapping the gutter to the corresponding page compliment the text wonderfully.  The trees in particular are stunning. The dog is rescued, the dragon restrained and the boys are tucked up in bed. All is well, but for the wee drawing of the tip of a tail with a piece of broken rope attached."